Oment seeks to provide marketing solutions and
services in diverse areas of specialty


With the explosion of communication channels in this age of new media, it’s not easy to get noticed. It’s important to adopt an integrated traditional marketing approach in order to thrive in a cluttered market.

Oment will be working with you to understand your goals and objectives, we will place your adverts strategically on platforms of great synergy with your brand.


We have the ability to use actionable insights to get an inside view of the customer’s journey. Through this, we can put together effective strategies to influence behavior.


You only get one chance to make a good first impression. And there’s no better way to enhance your message than by using vibrant visual language. In a culture where you are constantly bombarded with information and commercial messages, quality design is one way to stand out in the crowd.
Whether that piece is printed or for digital, website design, or montage we create designs to flesh out your ideas and goals.


If reputation is not everything, it’s the closest thing to it – Sr. Greisman.

The best way to convince people about something is getting them to believe. We do well to understand the profile of your targeted audience, then we make placements that appeal to their emotions and subconscious.

We test for feedback, re-strategies and lead them on to believe in you.


An ‘eventful’ event comes about when a good venue, concept, decoration, performance, sound, lights, security, and execution come seamlessly together.

Be it a corporate launch, dinner, anniversary, conference, party, or full blown concert we have the expertise to guarantee a world class experience.

From stage, truss, LED, lighting, effects, and sound we work with the best professionals to provide logistics and technical support.

All you have to do, is to sit back and bask in the glory of an event most memorable.


We aim to create an identity that will stick with people for a long time. Our whole team; Designers, writers, strategists and so many more work together to bring your brand to life.


We provide consultancy in areas that involve;

Web development
App development
Digital and off set Print management
Talent management
TV commercial production
Radio Commercial production
Celebrity (DJ, Artiste, MC, Actor) bookings